About ODEL



To be a Centre of Excellence in Science and Technology responsive to development needs of society through engagement in dynamic knowledge creation and application


To generate, preserve and disseminate knowledge by integrating science and technology into quality programmes covering a wide variety of disciplines while engaging in innovative research, training, teaching, and consultancy


MMUST holds the view that science and technology are indispensable tools in harnessing resources of nature for sustainable development and creating an environment in which human beings can survive and realize their potential. Thus the human person has the moral obligation to creatively improve the environment. This can be achieved through a well conceptualized educational, scientific and technology package through which every human being must rightfully experience and acquire tools to facilitate this mission

Core Values

  • Student Academic Freedom Scholarship
  • Academic Excellence
  • Innovation; Collegiality
  • Globalization
  • Social Responsibility
  • Equality; Productivity
  • Quality Academic and Professional Programmes
  • Etiquette


The University of Choice

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